Second Life turns 19!

Last night we had the honor and privilege of attending the final performance for the SL19B

birthday celebration where our good friend Seth Regan/Mankind Tracer was to perform.

The “family” as he calls his group members, were there and the songs flowed right up until the

Moles sent us all off with a region restart.

Music is something that fills my soul and Seth has been my favorite live SL singer since my

first time meeting him back in 2009.

He invites his “family” to come up on the stage and be part of his performance. No one else has

ever done this in my experience and I love that he makes us part of what he loves to do.

Happy Birthday Second Life and here’s to many more.

Linden Lab Announces Second Life 16th Birthday Celebrations

I can hardly wait

Daniel Voyager

Today Linden Lab have officially announced Second Life 16th birthday celebrations set for 20th June through until 8th July 2019. Apparently SL16B applications will be opening soon (probably within the next weeks) for volunteers, exhibitors and performers. The theme for SL16B will be set around the 1950s with a ton of fun events planned.

The SL16B regions have recently arrived on the grid which is good to see. Early preparations are now underway and the countdown has officially started for the big event.

It feels like we just packed away all that crystal magic from our 15th anniversary celebration, but our sweet sixteen is just around the corner! This summer, we’re throwing a huge celebration to commemorate 16 years with this incredible community and we wanted to fill you in on just a few of the details.

Sixteen years ago, on June 23rd, 2003, Second Life launched to the public…

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Another Rezz Day

Wow, it’s been 10 years since I stepped into Second Life and began my journey.

Lots of experiences, some great, some not so great. But, that being said, here’s to another year!

New things and fun. James and I are together in both worlds now and forever.  What a “leap of Faith” on Leap day 2016.  And the fun continues.

Experiencing things in SL together, me working on decorating things as I love flowers, house things and all the stuff we cannot do in RL.

Who would ever have thought that things would be this far advanced 10 years ago. Not me for sure.

New look and shorter more realistic looking me in SL.

Real me aging “gracefully” with my grey hair and loving life as it is.

Yarning more now than ever and finding that I so enjoy it and the charity things made for donations.  Also the things I make for just me.  All the “squishy yarns” that I have discovered and am in need of winding.


But today we celebrate that I am still around, having fun and not going anywhere soon.



Random thoughts today

As I viewed some of the comments on a post that I had made, I thought to myself why do these people ALWAYS have the need to be right.  Their comments back and forth about a post being correct or not, just leave it be folks.

You do NOT need to have the last word or always be correct.  You do need to respect my posts and thoughts and allow me to correct , or not, them as needed.

Keeping up with the banter is only making me feel like I should block your postings.  I have removed several friends recently because of it and leave the family members out of respect for our mothers.  I am at the point where it’s my page, and my thoughts, just leave me alone.

So, here I am on my blog posting what I won’t put on another feed.  Not worth the back and for and the being told constantly that I need to be doing something else for help.

For goodness sakes, I lived my life and survived all the horrid things that I went through, most of which only a handful of people even know about.  I don’t put things that were done in writing as it is my story, my life and I don’t feel the need for the world, or the rest of the family to even see it.

So, if you are one of those people who always have to be CORRECT, and get the last word in, I pity you.  Think about how you are acting and just let people have their say in their own space.

Nuff said, it’s my time to get things done but this was bugging me so it’s on my blog where most people involved won’t have the need to see or read it 🙂


Photography and SL

I have ventured into the unknown for me, well not exactly unknown but came out of my

comfort zone and am now proudly displaying some of my photos at the

Cape Able Art Gallery,


This gallery display is my first, and I hope that you visit and enjoy it.

There is a gallery HUD on the board at the entrance to visit other galleries of SL.

Some of us hide our talents, I am one that did for a long time.

Now I am having fun and excited to share with others.


More to come, just watch me fly now!


Thank you to my friend Treasure for giving me this opportunity and having

faith in me to do this.

[ free bird ] Tour of Lights Home Registration

Source: [ free bird ] Tour of Lights Home Registration

I am entering our home for this Tour of Lights.

So excited to be able to really work on decorating.

Hope that others join in, sounds like such fun and a great way to meet

people who we may only see in group chat.


Not sure who will have the most extreme decorations, I am a bit more traditional but giving it my best!

What are they thinking?

I rarely pay much attention to what is said in group chats unless I am looking for something specificSuellen on Tuesday being careful not to rezz_001
so tonight when I decided to finish decoration a new house for some friends, I noticed that one of
the fashion store groups chat was open.
I had gotten a notice about tomorrows sales but had not had the opportunity to read it through
as putting my new desk, the sofa and kitchen out was a bit more challenging as I decided that
we wanted our “homes” to be on angles. So, putting things in and lining them up is a bit
challenging..I was up for it but James was also logged in and willing to “tweak” them for me.

So, while I was waiting for him to finish the touch ups, I decided to venture into that open group chat
and WOW, is about all I can say. Continue reading What are they thinking?

New beginnings

Things happen for a reason, I have always believed that.

So, when things change, good or bad, I just move forward and start over.

I learned a lot about setting “healthy boundaries” from the series on Dealing with Difficult People

that I helped out by doing the voice in SL for.

I set my boundaries recently and did not back down.  Yes, it was difficult, but I did it.

Hurt like crazy afterwards as I loved what I had to leave, but my health and personal

boundaries were at risk if I allowed someone to push me to do something that I

knew was not good for me.

So, I look forward to something new when the time comes.

Have not closed the door, just been placed “inactive”.  Sort of the same thing

but I am not a quitter and I did not quit.

Tomorrow is the SL even One Billion Rising.

I am volunteering as a greeter at this huge event, and

have a personal reason for doing this.

Many do not know, I am a one and survived many years without

dealing with it.  I have done the work and recovered as much as

it is possible.

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Sunday Morning fishing

What do you do in SL when it’s Sunday morning and you are not ready to get moving?

Well you can go fishing!

One of the places that we fish is Dwarfins sim, as we are addicted to Dwarfins!

There are many things that you can fish up, not sure there is a list out as it seems to keep changing.

But there are crates, eggs, insta grow for gardens, fishing ponds, fisherman walk a longs and

my favorite, altars of eternity!  The list continues to change and I see others getting many things.

James and I fishing on Sunday morning.
James and I fishing on Sunday morning.

Rainbow Bridge and losing our beloved Baylee

It is always difficult to lose a family member or loved one, we recently lost our beloved Baylee, who has been with me for 10 years and was my kitty angel. Special in many ways that no one could ever teach him. He saved my life several times by waking me up when my Blood Sugar would drop dangerously low. Living alone it was always a concern but he stepped up and did the job.

He had not been ill, which makes the loss even more difficult for both of us, James only had the company and love of Baylee for just over a year when we moved 1000 miles west to be at our new home. James drove and Baylee and I rode along to the home he had for us where he has lived for many years. Baylee was a trooper, complained a bit, but didn’t get really scared. New home, life and lots of love from James and myself. He was happy with the life that we led.

I have always loved the story of the Rainbow Bridge, James hadn’t ever seen it, but it means something and I want to share that with you. I know that all of my kitties who have gone over that bridge, and now Baylee, will be waiting for us to love us once again.


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