Aroonshire Grand Opening.

It was my honor to be asked to DJ for the Grand Opening party on Monday May 26, 2014.

Having taken a break from playing my music except for a few private functions and

for ourselves, this was my first “outting” in almost a year.


The place is beautiful, if you haven’t seen it, be sure to go and check it out.


I love Dwarfins and everything involved. This market has taken it to the next level with it’s museum and all the beautiful parts of the Castle that was from Fantasy Faire 2014.  Jaimy Hancroft is the builder and it was sold to the current owners.

 Can’t think of a better group of people to be in control of what happens to it.   

They have rentals, displays of the LE Dwarfins and a 5pm slt auction every Monday with Neck as the auctioneer.  She rocks!

So, I am now hoping to find some “gigs” again. Not wanting to go back into a club filled with lots of drama, I will be

pretty open but selective and hope to be out there again off and on.

You can contact me via a note card if you are looking for a DJ.  I can play about anything you ask for. Just have a few

things I prefer not to play…we can always discuss that later.

Check out the beautiful build at the URL below.

Applications Are Closed

Can’t wait to see if I got in!

SL Community Celebration

Wed 14th Teasers_012

Applications for all Exhibitors, Performers, Speakers and Volunteers have now closed, and it looks like you guy REALLY love birthdays!  We had 426 exhibitor applications, 440 Performer applications and over 300 volunteers! Now begins the task of sorting through all your applications and figuring out how to fit you all into 243 plots and 3 stages.. Our first priority is exhibitors, as the sims open for you lot on the 30th of May – not as far away as you’d think! Acceptances for you will start coming in the next few days and will continue over the next week. Please be patient as we have a lot to work through! We’ll post the dates that performers can expect to hear from us in a while, but that will be closer to our opening date of June 22 – we won’t forget you, promise!

Once you get your acceptance, please be…

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Inventoil Made Easier

If you haven’t seen this before, it’s well worth the read. I started doing some of my hunt gifts today and it is so easy. Now to get the Bright inventory boxes and do more.

A Passion for Virtual Fashion

Inventoil Made easy

“There’s never enough of the stuff you can’t get enough of.” ~ Patrick H.T. Doyle

Inventoil Made easy

A few years ago I introduced the word “inventoil” to the world, which was my word for going through my inventory and sorting things. At the time my inventory was almost manageable. I knew what I had and where it might be. That ended a couple years ago when boxes exploded with fatpacks of fatpacks, and I started joining events to blog. And oh, well, I shop a lot too. Pfff.

StarlightShining clued me into a fancy trick in Firestorm that is going to revolutionize your inventory, especially if you have a hoarding problem as I do. And I’m going to teach you how to do it. The bottom line is that you are going to be able to pack massive amounts of stuff into a package without manually moving it. It’s kind…

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