Random thoughts today

As I viewed some of the comments on a post that I had made, I thought to myself why do these people ALWAYS have the need to be right.  Their comments back and forth about a post being correct or not, just leave it be folks.

You do NOT need to have the last word or always be correct.  You do need to respect my posts and thoughts and allow me to correct , or not, them as needed.

Keeping up with the banter is only making me feel like I should block your postings.  I have removed several friends recently because of it and leave the family members out of respect for our mothers.  I am at the point where it’s my page, and my thoughts, just leave me alone.

So, here I am on my blog posting what I won’t put on another feed.  Not worth the back and for and the being told constantly that I need to be doing something else for help.

For goodness sakes, I lived my life and survived all the horrid things that I went through, most of which only a handful of people even know about.  I don’t put things that were done in writing as it is my story, my life and I don’t feel the need for the world, or the rest of the family to even see it.

So, if you are one of those people who always have to be CORRECT, and get the last word in, I pity you.  Think about how you are acting and just let people have their say in their own space.

Nuff said, it’s my time to get things done but this was bugging me so it’s on my blog where most people involved won’t have the need to see or read it 🙂


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