What are they thinking?

I rarely pay much attention to what is said in group chats unless I am looking for something specificSuellen on Tuesday being careful not to rezz_001
so tonight when I decided to finish decoration a new house for some friends, I noticed that one of
the fashion store groups chat was open.
I had gotten a notice about tomorrows sales but had not had the opportunity to read it through
as putting my new desk, the sofa and kitchen out was a bit more challenging as I decided that
we wanted our “homes” to be on angles. So, putting things in and lining them up is a bit
challenging..I was up for it but James was also logged in and willing to “tweak” them for me.

So, while I was waiting for him to finish the touch ups, I decided to venture into that open group chat
and WOW, is about all I can say.Fashion designers have my highest respect as I cannot make clothing or jewelry. I can do basic building. And buy

the things that others make, put them together to make an outfit, a home look nice or whatever.

Women in Second Life are probably as close to vipers as any when it comes to finding that free item, Lucky Letter Chair or Midnight Mania board.  If you follow the blogs, you can find them pretty easily, I follow some and get my share and more

of each, and also shop at those stores as well.

But to attack the owner in group chat, after being asked to not do something such as post the letters on the chairs or the

numbers on the board, pretty sad.

Are we not all looking to enjoy our time in SL and have some fun without the drama?

This particular group has recently reopened and for some time was a free to join group.  The creator of the clothing and owner of the group was being gracious to allow that to those of us that followed her from another endeavor of hers.

Now, the group is pay to join, and if you paid, you get the same free gifts and opportunities that the rest of us get

and if you got in free, and yes I did, then spending a bit of your L’s in the store once in awhile, even if it’s on a sale

item, is how to support her.

Making rude comments and keeping it up after being asked to stop, not exactly being helpful to anyone especially

the designer behind that avatar.

She is a human being just like you and I.  She has feelings and being beaten down over and over during the last 2 days

might be the proverbial “last straw”.

I have seen that there is a group notice hanging out in my emails as I write from her saying “I’m done”.

So, ladies, now that you have pushed someone to this point, you will have nothing. Not even the group join fee if you

paid it.

Be very ashamed of how you treat other humans in SL.  We are all living beings logged into this world together.

Can’t we all get along?

I felt like I was in a “viper pit” watching people in that chat.  And, when I put my 2 cents in , someone told me to “shud up”.

I thought we as the “older” residents were supposed to lead by example.  I try to do my best and help out new residents.

How do we keep people that design around if we don’t appreciate them?

Think about it the next time you are making a comment.  Would you stick around if treated that way?

I have my own limits. I pray that this particular person is okay and that she stays around as I love what she does.

For now, I bid you all well and hope that you take care of each other because if we don’t, who will?

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