Cafe Tram

Cafe Tram

I have tried Gacha machines and been searching all over SL for this Tram.
I feel in love with it many months ago and finally found one that was
within my budget.
It is located on our home sim Baylee Estates a bit of
a stroll from the landing point, but open to anyone who wants to visit.
We have a greedy table out, and there is a
snack type cafe that our daughter has built with ice cream and such ☺

Visit us anytime you would like, we love company and our Dwarfins are always
up to something fun!

Sort of reminds me of Red Rocks.

Sort of reminds me of Red Rocks.

This is the SL11B DJ Stage.
I will be playing a mix on Friday, June 27th this year,10-12 slt.

I am always excited to play for people and hope that I bring a good mix
whenever I have a set.

Love music of all kinds, play almost anything and do take requests depending
on the time involved and such.

Hope that everyone gets a chance to check out the birthday celebration this year
as I will be doing the same.

Lots of gifts and free stuff and even a SL11B Hunt of sorts going on.
More later.