Just another Tuesday?

Start to log in for my notices to be cleared and such before I find my way in
as my work alt and not able to connect with some odd buttons on the screen when
“log in failed”

Find this on the grid status after about 20 mins:

Unscheduled Maintenance
[Posted 7:57 AM PDT, 20 May 2014] We are currently undergoing unscheduled maintenance on some of our primary systems. During this maintenance, various functions, including logins, may be unavailable. Please refrain from rezzing no-copy objects and making L$ transactions until the all clear is given.

Makes you wonder, did they get the message for Thursday wrong and pull the plug on Tuesday instead?
Has not been the first time log ins were disabled for hours. Those that are inworld stay logged in most
of the time, but not being able to work or shop..no shopping?….what is there to do but sit at home
and organize inventory.
Today I would be glad to be able to do that. Mine is a mess, my own fault, but we have been
re working houses and such for our friends and family members so tearing down and putting up again
I have now gained more bulk inventory that needs to be boxed up.

Plus, new shopping group with lots of free stuff to find and of course all the hunts
my inventory is higher than I like. Putting things into folders keeps it looking a bit better but
truthfully, it needs to be sorted and boxed then folders.

So, I write today, first time in ages it seems.

James and Suellen are together in real life, people think what they like, and those that know me and
all that has happened don’t all know all the details, and most never will. Too many bad things came
about and all that bundled together, James was my friend when things were falling apart around me.
He was only going to be my friend and dancing partner..who knew things would just explode into
so much more.

He has been by my side for over 2 years in SL and almost a year since he came and moved me to
Colorado mountains where we share a home and live together as close to being married as
we will ever be, unless some luck happens and we win the lottery or figure a way around all the
government restrictions on married couples and losing benefits.

So, that is how I got to where I am today.
Loving the life I lead here in the foothills of the beautiful Colorado mountains.
And still being active in SL.
Some people will never understand doing both, can’t explain it, you
would have to be doing it and meeting all the awesome people we come in contact
with every day. Friends all over the world. Where else can you do that?

Come join us if you will…you won’t be disappointed and we are always
around to help if you want it.

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