I love spending time wandering around doing hunts, watching people and just having fun. My blogs are sometimes about Dwarfins, which I love with a passion. Re blogs from things I see on others posts. Or just random thoughts that I come up with. Most are set public, but some have been set to private for my own viewing. I am with James in both first and Second Life. And yes, we have many sides of our SL, who doesn’t?   We spend time listening to music, dancing or just hanging out sorting inventory..ugh.. but whichever way it is, we love being together. I love music of all sorts and am getting back into DJ ing by doing private parties. Haven’t found just the right place as I so dislike drama in clubs, the private parties work best for now. Some days my stream is up and playing while I am working on my other avatar. Gives me something to listen to while I do my thing there.

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