Missing my 5000 inventory items

Oh what a day it was, just over a week ago, when I logged in and noticed
that the folder with all my outfits, extra clothing, costumes, landscaping, houses
…well you get the idea…missing.

Spent the better part of 3 days doing all the work arounds that the awesome people at
Firestorm and LL had me do to no avail.

Now what do you do when some of the things you lost are no copy Gacha items, houses
created by someone who is no longer in SL?

I could have cried, I was really upset, and got what I could from the casper vend system
replaced. Some was sent after notecards were sent to the creators and then I shopped.
Just a wee bit so far.
Mostly landscaping items and such, no clothing..yet.

Hard to replace some of the outfits that I have had for a couple of years and still
trying to decide what I want to wear. I am hopefully going to find some new things
and add to what I already had in a separate folder under my Clothing folder.

My sorting into separate numbered folders, 1 thru 26, and putting outfits under those, as well as houses, costumes and such, was a long involved process. Thought it would be nice to have a bit of organization to my inventory. Boy, was I upset to find that folder the only one missing, all 5000 of those.

Thankfully, I had thought to move my shirts, jeans, shoes, and gowns, up into that clothing folder. I still have formal wear. And all my body parts, skins and hair..still there.

As for the devastation I felt over losing some of the things, James happily chipped in and got me a cheesy pizza with green olives, bacon and sausage to drown my sorrows in…he enjoyed a couple of the slices too.

Now, I anxiously await the next big Gacha event, and some “retail therapy” when and if I feel like doing
some shopping. I love shopping but the decisions are hard…so I sought out my favorite designers, Black Haus White Market and Piece of Mind Designs for some replacements. Got a couple of things at Dressed by Lexi and Sascha’s and of course Liv Glam, and I am good for now.

James couldn’t have been sweeter about it, he even thought I handled it quite well, all things considered.

As for the lost items, they are just things. In the process, we did get our real life “study” set up finally with our desks side by side..which I love.

Thanks to James for being my shoulder and my love. I look forward to many years together in both worlds…we even had some “date time” tonight as I write this.

Word to the wise, don’t put everything in one place but if you do, be able to go through the loss if
it should happen. And in this world of SL , anything can and does happen