Random Thoughts

Well, winter is finally here..and I am already tired of the cold and snow.  Christmas is a week away and family time will be so nice.  A good dinner and spending time with family is all the gift I need. We are both happy and healthy, or at least getting there,

Neighbors are noisy today, the booming of his music is enough to drive a body to scream at him..but he has no concept of who or what he harms, nor does he care.


People that have come into our lives and left for their own reasons, being hurtful in the process, are not true friends, they are deceptive and have their own agenda’s.  Let them leave our lives and continue on their own destructive paths, as what goes around comes around.


This is the time of year that I truly miss my Mom, she so loved Christmas, but also all the holidays. But she is home and waiting for us when He decides the time is right for us to come Home..but oh the fun she and my hubby would have had joking around with each other.

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